We Heart Our Volunteers!

by Jeremy Garcia, Communications

Since the very beginning, Community Warehouse has been created and sustained by the notion of volunteerism. It’s at the core of who we are and how we fulfill our mission. In addition to the feel-good aspect of giving back, recent studies have found great (underline great) health benefits of volunteering, including lower mortality rates, decreased depression, greater overall well-being, and other significant benefits.

IMAGE_Blog-Post-#2The volunteers here at Community Warehouse come to us week after week, dedicated to helping their neighbors in a variety of ways. They sort blankets, arrange shelves, assist our families, tend to our on-site Estate Stores, or at its simplest just share a smile with our clients.

We took time this month to talk with one of our own volunteers. Her name is Michelle. She’s been with us for 6 months and describes the benefits of volunteering at her local, nonprofit furniture bank.

Volunteering – In Michelle’s Words

How does volunteering makes your life better?
Making a difference in people’s lives reminds me that I am fortunate enough to have a house and all I need.

How does volunteering makes your community better?
I reach out within my community and tell them what I am doing. When they hear about my efforts they find meaning and happiness to contribute to families in need. I mean, how many sheet sets do one person really need?

Why community warehouse?
I have volunteered at many, many places looking for a perfect fit. Community Warehouse is great for me! A small organization that started as a small neighborhood resource. They realized a need and made this organization happen!

What brings you the most joy about volunteering here?
The staff and the volunteers are awesome and I’ve been welcomed into the fold. Working with the families one-on-one I see exactly where the value of my time goes when I volunteer. I like being busy and there is always something to do at the Warehouse. The time flies by and I leave feeling better about the world in general.

What did you expect?
I expected to help people in some capacity, but this work is way beyond my expectations.

What have you learned?
People are kind and grateful and everyone has a rich history of ups and downs.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve encountered at the Warehouse?
Hmmmmm, I am sure there is something that I have forgot. But, yesterday I came across two pairs of tiny crochet slippers (even with a pom pom!). One slipper was missing. I spent all day searching the bags looking for the lost slipper. Finally I found the matching pair! Small victories, make life interesting!

Whether it’s finding the appreciation in your own life or finding that lost crochet slipper, Community Warehouse offers a unique experience for everyone. If you’re looking for an enriching volunteer experience, come help us put used goods to good use.

It’s amazing how much work can be accomplished by so few when the hearts are dedicated. You guys are the real deal.
Jane Green

Community Advocate

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