Thank you to our incredible community of supporters for making Chair Affair a huge success!



Highlights From Chair Affair 2019:

Pedro and Estela are owners of La Cocina Restaurant, next door to the NE Portland Warehouse. In this video, they tell the story of coming to Community Warehouse to get beds for their girls. It was a brief, but critical part of their journey to success and the start of a friendship that has grown over the years.

Chair Affair Emcee MOsley WOtta’s masterful voice captures how any single item can mean the essence of home for a family.

The Essentials of Home

Photo Gallery

Artwork Galleries

Friend of the Warehouse invite us into their homes to reflect on the transformational power of essential items and Community Warehouse.

Check out all the fantastic silent auction and Children’s Chair artwork that were part of the big event! Thanks to all our artists! Learn more here.

 About Chair Affair

A house becomes a home when you have a table for meals, a bed to tuck your kids into, a chair to relax in at the end of a long day. Please join us for the 2018 Chair Affair to celebrate Community Warehouse, a full-service furniture bank serving our neighbors in need. It will be an affair to remember with live music, unique art, exciting auctions, and inspiring stories from people whose houses have been transformed into homes. 

Questions? Contact Robin Healy or call 971-865-5284.

Special Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors

Chair Affair is so much fun for me. It really has touched my life in ways I can’t express, but mostly it lends credibility to my struggle to emerge as an artist (art school after 50 ain’t easy). PLUS, it’s all for Community Warehouse and the work that you do is important to our community.”


Chair Affair Artist