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This page is a guide to assist case managers and advocates to understand our process so they can assist individuals in getting furniture for their home.

  • If you are not a case manager/advocate but are looking to get furniture, please click here for information on how to access the furniture bank.


First Step: Attend our case manager orientation

Attending our case manager orientation is required for each individual case manager/advocate who would like to bring in clients for furniture. We require that you attend the orientation before you schedule appointments for clients.

We have two in-person orientations each month: one at our Tualatin location and one at our Portland location. Please click on one of the links below to register to attend. Registration is required.  Space is limited.

Tue. Sept 19th at 8:30 at the Tualatin Location

Thurs. Oct 12th at 4:00 at the Portland Location

Tue. Oct 24th at 8:30 at the Tualatin Location

Thurs. Nov 9th at 4:00 at the Portland Location 

Wed. Nov 15th at 8:30 at the Tualatin Location

Second Step: Schedule an appointment

We have 2 locations, Portland & Tualatin. Each location has 3 types of appointments to choose from:

In-person appointments where you/client provides their own transportation -$150

The case manager and client must be present at the time of the appointment. The client and case manager will have an hour time window to pick out items in the furniture bank. The client/case manager will need to make arrangements for the items to be moved to the client home. 

  • Before you make your appointment please scroll down for complete details about own transportation appointments

In-person appointments with delivery – $400

The case manager and client must be present at the time of the appointment. The client and case manager will have an hour time window to pick out items in the furniture bank. A Community Warehouse team will deliver the items to the client’s home. 

  • Before you make your appointment please scroll down for complete details about delivery appointments  including delivery windows.

Virtual appointments with delivery – $500

This appointment is 100% virtual and not in-person. Both the case manager and client will communicate with Community Warehouse staff using a phone or video chat depending on the client’s preference. Community Warehouse staff will assist in pulling the items for the client during the phone call or video call.  A Community Warehouse team will deliver the items to the client’s home. 

  • Before you make your appointment, please scroll down for complete details  the virtual appointment
  • Before you make your appointment please scroll down for complete details about delivery appointments  including delivery windows.

    Additional rules about appointments:

    • Cancelation fees: If an appointment is canceled with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged a cancelation fee. The fee is $50 for appointments where you are supplying your own transportation and $100 for appointments with our delivery service.
    • Each appointment slot is 1 hour long. We recommend coming 10 minutes early to begin the paperwork so you have the full hour to shop. Late arrivals will have reduced shopping time.
    • For families, we allow one family member with the case manager into the furniture bank at the time of the appointment. Small children may accompany a parent during the appointment. If you need any accommodations, please let us know.
    • If someone is not feeling well, we ask that you do not come in for the appointment. We do provide masks and suggest that people wear them in the warehouse for the health and safety of everyone.

    PLEASE DO NOT MAKE AN APPOINTMENT BEFORE TAKING THE ORIENTATION. See information about the orientation above. 

    Click here to schedule an appointment

    Please note: If you have not made an appointment before, you will need to create an account in the appointment software. Once you click the link above, it will either ask you to login to your account or register. The contact information you give us when registering will be what we use for all communication and reminders. 


    Third Step: Payments

    We take payments in the form of cash, check, or credit card. You or the client can pay at the time of the appointment or we can create an invoice for the agency to pay at a later date.

    • We do not like to take prepayments since appointments can fall through, but we are happy to invoice you.
    • If a third party is paying for the appointment, we just ask that the case manager who made the appointment forward the invoice on to the third party so they can send us the payment.
    • Mailing address for payments: 3969 NE MLK Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97212


    Finally: Communication

    If you have any questions or need to make any changes to your appointments, please contact us.

    • For appointments scheduled at the Tualatin furniture bank:
      • Adolfo Delgado, Program Manager at
    • For general questions about our programs and services:
    • Shaynna Hobson, Program Director at


    Detailed Information about Delivery Appointments 

    • 2nd attempt delivery fee: If you schedule a delivery and our crew is unable to deliver the items because the client is not available at the time of the delivery , there will be an additional $50 fee to attempt a 2nd delivery. We do not make more than 2 attempts to deliver the client’s items.
    • Delivery windows 
      • For appointment scheduled in the morning between 9:00am-12:00pm, the client’s items will be delivered that same day between 1:00pm-5:00pm
      • If you schedule an appointment in the afternoon between 12:30pm-4:00pm, the client’s items will be delivered the following day between 9:00am-1:00pm. Please note that the items from Friday afternoon appointments will not be delivered until the following Monday. Holidays might also affect delivery times.
    • We can deliver items to addresses in a 15 mile radius around the location you pick for the appointment. If your client’s address is on the west side, it is better to choose our Tualatin location and, if they are on the east side, it is better to pick our Portland location.

    Detailed Information about Own Transportation Appointments

    • All items must be picked up the day of appointment.
    • Community Warehouse staff may be available to assist in loading items, but we can’t guarantee that. Please make sure that there will be people available to help load trucks at the end of the appointment.
    • Tranportation Options
      • Client’s own vehicle
      • U Haul – It is best to reserve it beforehand because they are not always available on the day of. 
      • Agency vehicle
      • Outside movers – here are some suggested movers:
        • All-America Moving (503) 232-6683
        • Butterfield Moving, LLC (503) 867-2414
        • Pegasus Moving and Cleaning LLC (503) 308-9430
        • Three Star Moving (503) 926-0668
        • Two Men and a Truck (503) 208-5862
        • Supportive Services Moving (503) 422-1000

    Detailed Information about Virtual Appointment

    • Virtual appointments are a good option for clients who have limited mobility, transportation options, or schedules.
    • There are 2 types of virtual appointments:
      • Video Call – This appointment will require that the client and case manager be present for a video call. A community warehouse staff member will walk around the warehouse and assist the client to pick out items. They can use the video to show the clients the items that we have available.
      • Request List – The client with assistance from the case manager will fill out a form listing the item the client wants. Community Warehouse staff will pull the items on the list. Once the items have been pulled, staff will call the client and let them know what they were able to pull and send photos if wanted. The client would not need to be present for the entire appointment. We would just call the client at some point in the appointment window.  The case manager would not need to be present.
    • Virtual Appointment Paperwork
      • Paperwork is required for all virtual appointments. Once you make a virtual appointment, we will send you an email with paperwork that must be filled out within 3 days after receiving the email. Your appointment will not be confirmed until we receive the completed paperwork. If we do not receive the paperwork within the 3 day window, we will cancel your appointment request and open it up for another client.

    I’ve been a regular at Community Warehouse lately with lots of move-ins happening and I am so impressed with you guys every time. Such good energy, such positivity and exactly the kind of support I want my clients to experience. Thanks so much for being so understanding and supportive of the folks we work with when their barriers become challenging. Glad I share the community with you and your awesome organization.

    Case Manager

    ***New Donation Pick-up Rates***
    Through December 31st, all standard pick-ups are now on a pay-what-you-can sliding scale; starting at $20!

    NEW donation center open in Gresham! Community Warehouse + is a collaboration with ReClaim It! and Metro.
    Address: 819 SE 202nd Ave, 97233
    Hours: Thurs-Sat, 11AM-6PM