UPDATE: Delivery and Referral Service

Furniture bank services for partner agencies have resumed!

To ensure that clients receive the items that they need most, we changed our model to accommodate all participants in the process– case managers, agencies, and their clients. The changes that we established will get furnishings to clients faster while supporting the updated processes of case managers and agencies.

In response to COVID-19, we are using a traditional referral service model with delivery of furnishings to clients. Community Warehouse staff select and deliver furniture according to your client’s needs. In-person visits by case managers, clients, or 3rd party moving companies are suspended until further notice. The total cost for service is $400.

What does this mean for partner agencies and case managers?

  • When you have a client that needs furniture, fill out the Delivery Referral form (found in the Steps section below). Case managers are no longer required to complete orientations. 
  • Community Warehouse staff will confirm that we received your request. We will contact your client directly to discuss their furniture and household item needs, then arrange a delivery time. Delivery time slots are Monday through Friday from 10 am to 12 pm or 2 pm.
  • Community Warehouse staff will select the furniture according to the conversation with client and prepare for delivery. Sometimes, selection is limited and not all desired items requested can be fulfilled. If the Warehouse does not have enough inventory, the staff will notify the case manager at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Community Warehouse staff will deliver the furniture to the client’s residence at the agreed upon time following CDC COVID-19 safety protocols.
  • Upon the completion of the delivery, the referring case manager will be sent an invoice for payment.

What does delivery of furnishings to the client look like? 

Please read and discuss these protocols with your client before submitting a Delivery Referral Form.

  • All furniture will be delivered to the living room or first room upon entrance. Client is responsible for clearing the space before the Community Warehouse team arrives.
  • Case Manager will make necessary arrangements with building managers if access to elevator or service entrance is required to perform delivery
  • Clients and all adult family members or friends must remain outside of residence, wear masks, and maintain a social distance of 6 feet from CW staff during the total length of the delivery. If the client must remain inside the residence due to physical limitations, they must follow the same mask and social distance protocols.
  • If protocols are not followed, Community Warehouse reserves the right to suspend the delivery. One rescheduled appointment will be offered.

For questions or more information, please contact Program Director Joe Glode at

The total cost for our client service is $400. 

This includes our Access Fee for client appointments of $100. Delivery service fee is $250Processing fee is $50.

Fee Information
  • Access Fee is $100
  • Delivery Fee is $250
  • Processing Fee is $50

These fee increases will help us address priorities that ensure the health and safety of all while strengthening our services and improving the experience for you and your clients in the following ways:

  • Space in our Warehouses’ is limited. We do not have the room to take donations from the public and simultaneously serve clients in-person while maintaining social distancing as well as other COVID-19 safety measures. 
  • We concluded a Community Needs Assessment and Program Impact Evaluation that highlighted an increasing need for speedy delivery service. Before COVID, average wait time for a delivery was 4 to 5 weeks. This will now be reduced to 1 to 2 weeks.
  • In early July, we launched a soft opening of client appointment services. Cancellation rates during this time were 75%. Prior to COVID, our projected revenue reflected a cancelation rate of 35%. Our business model cannot operate sustainably at any rate higher than that projection.

We also want to be as transparent as possible regarding the rising costs we face, as mentioned above:

  • As the overall costs of living and doing business continue to increase, we strive to provide living wages and appropriate training for our staff, maintain our buildings and trucks for efficient service, and improve our facilities and donation capacity to better meet the needs of your clients. While we work very hard to fundraise through our Development office and Estate Stores, we cannot make ends meet with these efforts alone. We rely on fees to help support our team and ensure we can not only maintain, but continue to improve our services.
  • As clients move into homes further outside of the city and Portland Metro area traffic becomes heavier, our deliveries have become more time-consuming and costly. We are committed to offering competitive transportation options for our partner agencies and we will provide the necessary training for our staff to provide excellent, compassionate service, so you can feel extra confident in our delivery team.

Our promise to you is this: we will continue to work very hard to be a supportive and collaborative partner, and to think carefully and strategically about how we develop and adapt our services to best meet your needs and the needs of your future clients. We will continue working together to accomplish incredible things for the people and communities we serve.

Do you have additional questions or feedback? Please reach out to Joe Glode, Program Director.



Q1. What types of furnishings are typically available?

A. Limited availability depending on supply of donations.

Mattresses and Boxsprings (Sizes Twin to Queen)

Hollywood Bed Frames


Small Desks





Kitchen Chairs


Kitchen Tables

Coffee Tables

End Tables





Small Kitchen Appliances (Microwaves, Toasters, and Coffee Makers)


Q2. What if my client would like to exchange their furnishings at or after delivery is completed?

A. Minimizing all points of contact from the time of donation to client delivery is necessary to ensure furnishings arrive to client sanitarily. With this in mind, exchanges are not permitted. Community Warehouse staff will select the best furniture and household items according to the phone conversation with your client. We inspect and accept all donations according to our quality guidelines.

Q3. How much does it cost Community Warehouse to serve one family (not including delivery service)?

A: It costs $1,000.00.

Q4. With the increased access fee, are Community Warehouses services still a good value?

As of last year, we calculated that clients, on average, receive $850 worth of goods from Community Warehouse. (This is “thrift store value” only and does not account for new items, which Community Warehouse regularly procures for clients.) We know how challenging it can be to furnish a home from scratch. Even on Craigslist or at thrift stores, the process can be time-consuming, expensive, and unpredictable. While we do not always have every requested item in our inventory, we strive to be a one-stop-shop for your clients to receive the basic furnishings they need. We are confident that the value of goods and services (furniture and transportation) a client receives from Community Warehouse far exceeds the fee.

Q5. In general, how is Community Warehouse funded?

A: Our resources come from four primary sources:

27% Development

19% Estate Stores

13% Program Access & Delivery Fees

40% donated items

Do you have additional questions or feedback? Please reach out to Joe Glode, Program Director.

STEP 1: Complete the Delivery Referral Form

Please read the delivery protocol with client prior to beginning the Delivery Referral process. Then, submit Delivery Referral Form— click here.



STEP 2: Invoice and Payment

Upon completion of delivery, Community Warehouse staff will send an invoice to the referring case manager. Payment can be made by check or credit card. Please include the invoice number with payment.

The total cost for our client service is $400. This includes our Access Fee for client appointments of $100. Delivery service fees are $250. Processing fees are $50.


Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page for answers.
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