Your monthly gift has a huge impact on the lives of local families, helping them create more safe, comfortable and stable homes.  

An invitation from April Doll:

I’ve been involved with the Warehouse since 2008 because I love the mission of helping someone make a home, and that’s why I’m urging you to become a monthly donor today.

I discovered Community Warehouse when researching meaningful places to donate my clients’ items. I was immediately drawn to the Warehouse’s mission. People receive the items that most of us take for granted. Things like silverware. When you and I reach into the kitchen drawer, we expect to find forks. Everyone should be able to do that.

That’s why supporting this essential service with reliable, ongoing funding on a monthly basis is so important.

Because we feel so strongly about this, my husband Daryl and I are providing a match to encourage new and renewing Sustainers.

Sign up or renew at by September 30 and we will match your first month’s donation!

Please join me today.




Credit Card or Direct Debit?

If your monthly gift is $20 or more, processing fees for credit cards are higher. So if you choose Direct Debit, your donations go farther every month!

The idea of Community Warehouse is a simple, yet incredibly powerful one: household furnishings you no longer need can help create a home for someone else in your community.

We are grateful to each of our donors for everything you do to help.

Roz Babener

Founder & Volunteer