This Works. This Really Works.

by Vicky Coleman, Client Services

A donor came into our Tualatin Warehouse to donate several pieces of wall art.

Beautiful-Moments-Image-2A few days later, she realized she had donated a piece she intended to keep. When she returned, our staff member Jeff said he would gladly give it back to her. They found it in the delivery area with a hand-written name taped to the front – it had already been picked out by a client for their new home.

When the donor realized that someone had fallen in love with it, she lost the desire to have it back. She felt so good that it would bring joy to someone in need.

Later, she was shopping in the Estate Store and noticed that the customer in front of her in line was purchasing another piece of wall art that she had donated. Again, she felt good that the piece would be appreciated in a new home.

In her words: “When I saw this, I told myself, this works. This really works.”

We witness this meaningful exchange of goods every day. We have donors who extend from Salem to Vancouver, and Gresham to Aloha. Because of their generous donations, families from each of these communities now truly have a place to call “home”.

By working together, whether giving or receiving, everyone benefits. Looking back on a full year, we are filled with gratitude for each of your roles in building a stronger community for us all.

It’s amazing how much work can be accomplished by so few when the hearts are dedicated. You guys are the real deal.
Jane Green

Community Advocate

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