The Purple Couch – Every Piece Of Furniture Has A Story

by Megan Smith, Communications Director

On a busy spring Sunday at the Portland Warehouse, a couple stopped by with a Lazy Boy couch in good condition.  Pinned to the couch was an envelope that read, “To the new owner of the Purple Couch.” With just a friendly wave, the couple left and our weekend staff turned his attention to the next donations in line.

It wasn’t until Monday morning we had a chance to read the carefully composed letter inside the envelope, and realized what a treasure had been left with us.  It is a powerful reminder that stories reside in every piece of furniture donated to Community Warehouse and that donors extend the loving care from their own homes to the next owners.

Grab a hanky and enjoy the story of “The Purple Couch.”  And, if you are the mystery couple who donated the couch, please let us know who you are so we can thank you personally for writing this beautiful letter!

Every piece of furniture has a story.

“The Purple Couch” was purchased in around 1989 by my soon-to-be-husband, to go with the purple in a family quilt that I was bringing to our marriage.

The Purple Couch has lived with our family for 27 years. The main rule that has kept The Purple Couch in good working condition is “no food in the living room.” This is the household rule I got the most flack for, the most push back, it was the most “wanted to break rule.” But the outcome of standing firm on that rule is before you. After 27 years you will be able to enjoy The Purple Couch instead of it going to the dump full of grease spots and food smells!

In the 27 years we have had The Purple Couch, 25 of them have included two baby boys who grew into toddlers, boys, adolescents, teens, college students and now young adults. I nursed them on this couch, cuddled with them and sat and talked with them about things from difficult to joyous. We read books together and individually while reclining on the couch. They opened Christmas presents while sitting on the couch, lost Legos in and under the couch, and I am sure kissed it up with their girlfriends when hanging out there.

All four of us have slept on the couch. Its cushions are wide and sturdy but soft. The back provides good support when sleeping on one’s side. It is good for naps and sleeping all night. Cousins and friends have slept on it too. On sleepover nights it was the most prized place to sleep.

As we are getting ready to welcome “Blue Couch” we all feel a bit of sadness saying goodbye to our stalwart friend who never let us down. When we needed a comfortable and reliable place to land, The Purple Couch was always there for us. The Purple Couch is now more mauve than purple, but the lack of color is the inverse to the abundance of good and real life it has experienced in its 27 years.

You will now add your chapter to The Purple Couch story. Take good care of her and she will take good care of you… for maybe 27 years.

Now wouldn’t that be a story for Lazy Boy!

May your time on The Purple Couch be full of blessings.  Enjoy.

It’s amazing how much work can be accomplished by so few when the hearts are dedicated. You guys are the real deal.
Jane Green

Community Advocate