More than a good night’s sleep

by Desmond Fuller, Social Media Coordinator

“I can’t stop grinning,” says Ramona, who came to Community Warehouse in search of a bed that could provide the support she needs.  Thanks to a generous donation from our partners at Mattress Lot, a beautiful luxury mattress was waiting for her.

Ramona struggled to recover from back surgery after a car accident left her unable to walk three years ago.  Though she recovered the ability to walk, her injuries meant she couldn’t work or afford rent. Her family became homeless and Ramona slept on uncomfortable cots and couches that didn’t provide any relief for her chronic pain. A firm, comfortable, quality mattress was essential for Ramona’s continued recovery and improved quality of life.

Mattress Lot, a local retailer in NE Portland, has provided Community Warehouse with countless clean mattresses that fly out the door just as soon as they come in.

“We love the fact that Community Warehouse offers tangible and direct help to families in crisis and need. This is not abstract,” say Mattress Lot founders Mary Ruth and Michael Hanna.

Hanna adds, “We’re super grateful that Community Warehouse makes it easy for companies to play a small role in helping people in need or crisis. Community Warehouse is a conduit between businesses that want to do the right thing, by giving donations, and the end user of those donations, the families in need in our community.”

Partnerships with local businesses and individual donations are what make it possible for Community Warehouse to connect those in need with quality donations like the mattress that Ramona needed.

Now, with the help of a local housing assistance program, Ramona and her family have settled into a new home with furnishings from Community Warehouse.

“I’m very happy to have a comfortable bed to sleep on,” says Ramona. “I love that Community Warehouse is here for us. Thank you so much for the help.”

Your donations of gently-used and new mattresses are the foundation of building a home and waking up to a brighter day.  Find out more about bringing in a mattress or scheduling a pick-up from our professional team.

It’s amazing how much work can be accomplished by so few when the hearts are dedicated. You guys are the real deal.
Jane Green

Community Advocate