Love lifts us up

by Livy Conner, Communications Specialist

The love  that Brittany and her daughter Juni share fills every room of their home as they read books, make art projects, play dress up, and giggle with stuffed animal friends. “She’s my best friend,” Brittany says. Brittany engages with Juni with a deep sense of respect, gentleness and ease as they move through the world they’ve created together.  

Just under three years ago, Brittany was newly pregnant with Juni and faced an unexpected circumstance that left her with few resources. “I didn’t have furniture. I didn’t have a bed, I didn’t have anything. I was really worried.”

“So, I tried to get as many resources I could together for myself.” Brittany connected with local social service agencies that led her to Community Warehouse. 

When Community Warehouse staff delivered a queen bed to her empty apartment, Brittany felt a shift. “When I got that bed, it gave me a sense of stability. It gave me hope. I thought: ‘We’re going to be okay’. 

“The bed is what got us through. That is my motherhood part of that journey. I did all my feedings, I did all my late-night snuggles, I did all the turning over just to make sure she was okay. That bed was our little heaven.”

Today, Brittany works full time, goes to school, and is completing an apprenticeship program. Brittany and Juni live in a fully furnished two-bedroom apartment filled with belongings that speak to not only Brittany’s love and dedication as a mother, but also to just how far she’s come in the few years since Community Warehouse staff delivered a bed to her empty apartment. 

When it comes to furniture and household items, Brittany now passes on the same generosity she received from her community.

“Now, when I get things and I need to rotate them out, I don’t sell it; I give it away. That’s how it was for me, so I’m going to keep going and doing it.”

“What you see in this apartment, I got from people. And that gives me a sense of community, hope and stability. And Juni will see how important community is.”

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