Five Reasons Why the Estate Store Should Be Your Next Treasure Stop!

by Desmond Fuller, Social Media Coordinator

“You always have the most interesting stuff.” That’s something we hear everyday in the Community Warehouse Estate Store. Estate Store volunteers and staff strive to curate the most dynamic and arresting display of household goods, ranging from furniture to china sets to antique and vintage oddities. All Estate Store purchases directly support the Community Warehouse furniture bank program for local families in need. These five highlighted items show the scope of styles and eras to be explored on a journey through time that one takes upon stepping through the front door.

1800’s Cast Iron Flat Skillet

It’s remarkable to think that some of our basic kitchen utensils date back to the nineteenth century. This skillet, for example, has been frying eggs prior to the invention of the airplane, the weekend, chocolate chip cookies and antibiotics!

Fun fact: One way to identify cast iron products from the 1800’s is called a gate mark, which appears as a scar or slash across the bottom of the pan. Any gate marked cast iron is usually very old and valuable a piece of history that can still be used in your own cooking.

Library Ladder Chair

Sometimes, we receive a donation imbued with irresistible charm that stirs curiosity. This practically-sized chair that transforms into a library ladder was originally designed by founding father Benjamin Franklin. At some point between developing some of the first swimming fins and discovering electricity, Franklin conceived of this elegant and versatile chair which converts to a ladder for easily reaching a book on an upper shelf. Could it not be used to reach the higher cabinets and shelves in a kitchen as well?


Storage Jars

Our yellow tag room is full of bargain niche pieces such as these classic glass storage jars. Perfect for homey DIY-styled kitchens or for storing supplies in an art room.

These jars are as much aesthetic as practical, and can evoke the memory of a grandparent’s pantry or the poetic highlights of homemade rustic style.

Apothecary Cabinet

A wall of doors, ripe with mystery: the rarity of this antique apothecary cabinet makes it one of the most unique pieces ever to come into the Estate Store. Historically, apothecary cabinets are distinctive because of their many drawers. In past centuries, apothecary cabinets were used by pharmacists or physicians. The many drawers held tools, such as a mortar and pestle, spoons and scales, as well as different materials for medicines. While a larger piece like this might not fit into everyone’s apartment or small bungalow, it’s perfect for adding to the stand-out aesthetic of any tea or coffee shop. An eccentric and giving person might stage it near their front door, and from the many drawers have houseguests blindly choose a party gift.


Vintage Tea/Cocktail Cart

With lustrous mahogany surfaces and wooden wheels, this tea cart evokes a feeling from another era. One can imagine scenes of entertaining guests at a cocktail party in the Roaring Twenties or a ladies tea party on the patio of a stately old home.

Check out the Estate Store Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest feautured inventory. We hope to see you in our Portland or Tualatin Estate Store soon! 

It’s amazing how much work can be accomplished by so few when the hearts are dedicated. You guys are the real deal.
Jane Green

Community Advocate

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