Find Your Glamping Gear at the Estate Store!

by Robin Healy, Development Coordinator

Have you heard of Glamping? It’s a combination of Glamour and Camping. It was first ‘discovered’ about 10 years ago but is now mainstream, making the cover of Sunset and Martha Stewart magazines.

Who glamps? Glamping was started and popularized by ladies (of a certain age) but the craze has spread to all sorts of people as they realized having some creature comforts is actually a lot of fun. Anyone can glamp! Kids in the backyard to grandmas, even Oprah had a glamping experience!

What turns camping into glamping? Could be something as simple as cloth napkins instead of paper or as elaborate as a fully decked out vintage canned ham or Airstream trailer. You can glamp in a structure (rustic barn, beachside hut) a tent or a vehicle, too! There are destination resorts based on glamping but we are going to focus on the DIY Glamper.

First, a big subset of Glampers are Vintage Glampers. These folks like everything in their vintage rig (trailer, camper, motor home) to be ‘of the era’.

The Estate Store at Community Warehouse is a great resource for Vintage Glampers like me! My 1966 Aladdin ‘Magic Carpet’ trailer has many items from the Estate Store including aluminum pitcher and tumblers, my hand-cranked ice crusher for drinks, and vintage playing cards for sitting at the dinette and relaxing when the rain intrudes on the weekend.

A Few Easy Ways to Turn Camping into Glamping (hint: it’s all about UPGRADES)

  • Ditch the sleeping bag for a mattress (air or memory foam) with high thread-count sheets, a cozy quilt and LOTS of pillows.
  • Trade in your old percolator that sat over the fire (and burned the coffee) for a french press of Stumptown or another premium brew; perhaps the percolator could become a funky flower vase?
  • Set a pretty picnic table with a real, non-plastic tablecloth, fresh flowers, the good silver and floral plates (now there is really nice melamine available that looks like china!)
  • Lighting – while your old Coleman lantern may do the trick, getting some string lights (power from the campground or generator OR there are many solar lights available) up will turn the campsite ambiance up to a 10.
  • Tired of hauling wood? Pick up a propane powered firepit and you never have to wait to warm up Oh, while you are sitting around that campfire – lose the supermarket fold up chair and go for the anti-gravity chair or a sweet hammock!
  • Find your inner glamper. What are the little luxury touches you miss when you head for the great outdoors? Bring them with you.


Life is short – enjoy every minute!


It’s amazing how much work can be accomplished by so few when the hearts are dedicated. You guys are the real deal.
Jane Green

Community Advocate