Did You Know? Only Elephants Should Wear Ivory

by Melissa Rice, Portland Estate Store Manager



Did you know the Estate Stores have been given donations made from ivory, tusk, shell and other animal products?

For centuries, many common things, from the parts of musical instruments, to buttons have been made with ivory that we hardly notice and, while it is still legal to possess ivory, selling it involves strict documentation and authentication.

On July 6, 2016, a near-total ban on commercial trade in African elephant ivory went into effect in the United States. Endangered animals and plants are often the target of wildlife crime because of their rarity and increased economic value.

Community Warehouse does not wish to contribute to the illicit trade of ivory or in products from threatened or endangered species. The Estate Stores intend to donate the items to the National Wildlife Property Repository, managed by the law enforcement section of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The Repository accepts donations of legally owned ivory and other animal products, uses them to educate the public about the ivory trade and will not return to the commercial market.

In our commitment to being a responsible organization, we will continue to try and do our best to eliminate for sale any items made from endangered or threatened animal species.

So it’s okay to hang on to that heirloom or treasured souvenir but don’t try to sell them and please do not donate to us.

If you would like to learn more about the Wildlife Repository, Wildlife Crime, or animal conservation efforts, please follow these links:


It’s amazing how much work can be accomplished by so few when the hearts are dedicated. You guys are the real deal.
Jane Green

Community Advocate