Photo (from left to right): Andrew Welch, President; Pat Welch, Founder/CEO; Diane Boly, Founder


Boly:Welch has been a fan of Community Warehouse from the very beginning, through our roots at Jewish Family and Child Services. As Community Warehouse grew, so did Boly:Welch’s support. They’ve sponsored our Chair Affair event for 11 years (wow!) and provided ongoing support in many ways, including Advisory Board membership and Give!Guide matching funds. 


This year, we are celebrating their sponsorship of our truck that travels throughout the Portland area picking up furniture for families in need. We have the biggest appreciation for Boly:Welch and their care for our community!


In a brief interview, Carie Strahorn, Director of Marketing and Communications at Boly:Welch and Community Warehouse Advisory Board Member, explains their strong role in supporting Community Warehouse and our community at large:


1. In what way(s) is Boly:Welch committed to creating a better community?
We value the organizations that make the Portland Metro area a healthy, vibrant and livable workplace. To recognize and celebrate the contributions of this critical web of relationships, we have crafted a model for community giving which involves partnerships, volunteerism and financial giving. Our Community Connections program supports local organizations through sponsorships, in-kind giving and the volunteer efforts of our employees. Each Boly:Welch staff member has 12 volunteer days annually to support the philanthropy of their choice. These relationships build the base for additional financial contributions and fundraising efforts throughout the year, often in the form of event sponsorships. From volunteer opportunities to in-kind giving to partnership programs, we have embraced both the value and excitement of modeling community stewardship and are proud to support the a broad number of local non-profit organizations.

2. What is most meaningful about having your company support Community Warehouse?
We know that the goods and services we donate or support through our financial giving help some of the most vulnerable people in the community – those who need our involvement the most. Knowing that families will have the basics they need to build a household and that children will have beds to sleep in each night is very meaningful to our team.

3. Could you share any notable or funny stories/memories connected with Community Warehouse that stand out to you?
The centaur sculpture (purchased at a past Chair Affair event) is a daily reminder for the Boly:Welch team of our longstanding relationship with Community Warehouse. Since 2006, we’ve attended and brought home local artwork to grace our homes and the office. The centaur – who we have named “The Clothes Horse” is the most unusual purchase and it brings giggles from all who see it in our window on Sixth Avenue.

4. Is there anything else you would like our community to know?
Everyone at the Community Warehouse is pretty amazing – from staff to volunteers to drivers – the work is done with care. Roz’s vision plays out daily and we are so pleased to be a part of the process.