A Small Window of Joy

by Rena Satre Meloy, Communications

One Wednesday morning, I was in the midst of writing a report when I heard giggles floating through my office door…I had to investigate.

I had barely stepped onto the Warehouse floor when a young fellow appeared and promptly stuck out his hand to introduce himself: “Hello”.

I smiled big – so mature! We were soon moving about the Warehouse while he helped carry the smaller goods that his family had selected to their truck.

He was quite the gymnast, and was very proud of his ability to do the splits. Whenever we came across a clear spot on the floor, there was a mini performance – he would drop to the floor with great enthusiasm, then bounce right back up. Oh to be five again…! 🙂

IMAGE_Success-Story-04AWhen I returned to my office, I was still smiling. I glanced down at the last image I took on my phone: the young boy was walking confidently toward a full truck, his new chair in tow.

I felt warmth well in my heart at the significance of this small window of joy and hope….a window that may extend into the rest of his life.

It’s amazing how much work can be accomplished by so few when the hearts are dedicated. You guys are the real deal.
Jane Green

Community Advocate

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