Furniture Delivery Referral

In response to COVID-19, Community Warehouse has suspended in-person visits to the Warehouses and we are only providing delivery service until further notice. Each furniture delivery is $400. We will be requiring the following procedures for all deliveries. **CURRENT WAIT TIME FOR DELIVERY IS APPROXIMATELY TWO WEEKS**

Thank you for requesting delivery from Community Warehouse!

Read and discuss these procedures with client prior to form submission


– Please fill out the fields in the Delivery Referral Form below and Community Warehouse will contact clients directly to confirm the furniture list and to arrange the delivery time. We will send you a confirmation and invoice when service is delivered.

– Community Warehouse staff will select the furniture and household items according to the list provided by your client. Sometimes selection is limited and not all desired items requested can be fulfilled. If the Warehouse does not have enough inventory, the staff will notify the case manager at least 24 hours in advance.

– All furniture will be delivered by Community Warehouse staff to the living room or first room upon entrance. The client is responsible for clearing the space before the Community Warehouse team arrives.

– Clients and all adult family members or friends must remain outside of the residence, wear masks, and maintain a social distance of 6 feet from CW staff during the total length of the delivery. If the client must remain inside the residence due to physical limitations they must follow the same mask and social distance protocols.

– Case Manager will make necessary arrangements with building managers if access to the elevator or service entrance is required to perform delivery.

– The total fee for service is $400. We will send you an invoice via email and arrange for payment by credit card or check.

– If protocols are not followed, Community Warehouse reserves the right to suspend the delivery. One rescheduled appointment will be offered.

I’ve been a regular at Community Warehouse lately with lots of move-ins happening and I am so impressed with you guys every time. Such good energy, such positivity and exactly the kind of support I want my clients to experience. Thanks so much for being so understanding and supportive of the folks we work with when their barriers become challenging. Glad I share the community with you and your awesome organization.

Case Manager

Both of our Warehouses are opening late on Wednesday 4/14. Donation Drop-off hours will be from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Thank you for understanding!