Help Furnish Homes for Neighbors in Need

Our Furnishing Forward program recognizes the valuable partnership of local businesses who support our neighbors in need through their ongoing donations to Community Warehouse.

We know that there is no “one size fits all” partnership for local businesses to make a significant impact in their community. Each business is unique—so it only makes sense that your donation experience is as well.

Partnership Opportunities

Ongoing Donations
Regular donors schedule pick-ups of furniture/household items every month or two.
Examples: Seams to Fit Home is a consignment furniture business in Northwest Portland that schedules monthly pickups to donate furnishings to the Warehouse; The Mattress Lot schedules weekly donations of mattresses to Community Warehouse.

Quantity-Based Donations
Many businesses prefer to donate a large quantity of specific goods at a time that make significant impact for families. Example: Sleep Train has made an annual donation of 200 mattress sets to both Community Warehouse locations.

Value-Based Donations
Donate a minimum of $3,000 in furniture and household goods annually.
Example: Parker Furniture has annually donated a box truck of furniture including new sofas, chairs, and cabinets valued at over $4,000.

Your Brilliant Partnership Idea!
We ask all businesses interested in becoming a Furnishing Forward Partner to complete our application. If you believe your business can provide a new or unique way of making a significant impact as a Furnishing Forward Partner, please provide details in your application.

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Partnership Benefits

We want to make this worth your time and celebrate your contributions to our community! We will provide:

  • Furnishing Forward poster to display at your business
  • Partnership listing on our website
  • Social media features
  • Potential tax deductions for furniture donations
  • The opportunity to directly and tangibly support your community
  • The occasional cookies and lots of high fives!

Our Furnishing Forward Partners

Become a Partner

    Have you donated to us before?*

    If yes, how often do you donate?

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    We are honored to be local partners with Community Warehouse.  As contributors to their Furnishing Forward program for the past five years, we have seen the impact they make in our community by supporting our neighbors in need.  Our consignors and customers are proud to give back to the community through Seams to Fit Home. 

    Sherry Linder

    Owner, Seams to Fit Home