We’re here to help make giving and receiving as easy as possible. You can find frequently asked questions below.


What happens to my donated furniture?

Your furnishings help create a home for someone else in our community seeking the comfort and dignity of a furnished home while overcoming adversity. As a local, nonprofit furniture bank, we collect and redistribute furnishings and household goods to over 7,000 neighbors each year. Through partnerships with over 200+ different social service agencies, families and individuals visit the Warehouse to get the essential furnishings they need to create comfortable, safe, and happy homes.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to drop off goods?

No appointment necessary! Simply, visit our Warehouses during drop-off donation hours of Mon-Fri 10am-4pm (Portland and Tualatin), and Saturday 11am-4pm (Portland only).

Is my donation a good fit?

We connect your donations directly to families and individuals in need of essential home furnishings and require that all donations are in good, clean, ready-to-use condition. Our staff will only accept donations following these requirements.

My donation is really valuable, do you give a donation receipt for taxes?

Yes, we have a standard donation receipt, or we can issue you a contemporaneous letter for donations over $500. We do not have appraisal services, so the value of each item is up to you, as the donor, to verify for taxes. We recommend consulting with your CPA/accountant regarding any IRS related questions.

I misplaced my donation receipt. Can you send me a new one?

If you scheduled a pickup or made a monetary donation, we can reissue your donation receipt. If you dropped off your items, we’re sorry, but we will not able to provide a new receipt (we do not track drop-off donations to that detail).

If you don’t accept my items, can you refer me elsewhere?

Absolutely! Click here for a list of alternative donation resources that may be able to accept your donation.

I have antiques/collectibles that I would like to donate – do you have a good use for them?
We’re glad you asked! Your items might be a great fit for the Estate Store – our fundraising enterprise that raises critical funds for our furniture bank mission. We’re always looking for quality furniture, unique and high end collectibles, antiques and jewelry. Please visit our Estate Store page to learn more.
What is the fastest way to request a pickup?

The fastest way to schedule a donation pickup is online. We have two donation pickup options: Regular Pickup and Priority Pickup. Please see details and schedule here. If you have questions or need assistance scheduling, please email logistics@communitywarehosue.org or call 971.347.3802

For donation pickups, can you go up or down stairs?
A few porch steps are fine, but we are unable to go up internal or external flights of stairs. If you live in an apartment with an accessible elevator, that works for us, we just ask that you ensure the elevator and/or loading dock are available at time of pickup.
Why do you have a pickup fee?

Our pickup fee helps cover the cost of staff wages and truck maintenance costs. Your contribution helps free up critical funds so we can provide furniute bank services to more neighbors. 

I’d like to pay the Regular Pickup fee in advance by credit card – is that possible?

For Regular Pickups, we do not have a pre-pay option, just in case the pickup needs to be rescheduled, canceled or in the rare event that we are unable to accept your items (if they do not meet our donation requirements). The pickup fee is payable by cash, check, or card at the time of pickup. 

Can you pick up anywhere in the greater Portland metro area?

Please view our pick-up service map (note: we are unable to pickup in Vancouver at this time).


I scheduled a pickup, and the drivers would not accept my items – why? What now?

Our drivers are experts in what we do, and they always have the best interests of the families we serve in mind. Please make sure you thoroughly check our What We Accept list ahead of time to make sure we can take your items. If you’re not sure, please email us!

Case Managers

How do I schedule deliveries for my clients?

To make an appointment with delivery service, click HERE and select the calendars “Portland – CW DELIVERY ONLY” or “Tualatin – CW DELIVERY ONLY.”  ***We can deliver to any address within 15 miles from each warehouse. We do not deliver to Washington. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding service area. 

My agency has been through your orientation, how do I go about using your services?

All Case Managers are required to attend an orientation to receive client services at Community Warehouse. Details on how to obtain furnishings for clients can be found here.

What forms of payments do you take?

You or the client can pay by cash, check, or card after completion of the appointment while onsite. 

If you prefer, Community Warehouse staff can send an invoice to the referring case manager. Please include the invoice number with payment.

Our access fee for client appointments is $150. Delivery service is available for an additional $250. The total cost for our client service with delivery is $400.

What happens if my client finds all but one item, for example there is a mattress and frame, but no box spring - can we come back to get one item?

Unfortunately, we are not always able to provide all furnishings that your client needs. We do our best to provide as much as possible. If you as the Case Manager feel it best to have the family come for another visit, you have the option to schedule a new appointment, however this would require an second payment of $150 or $400 if delivery is included.

What if my client doesn’t like anything available, can we reschedule?

It is up to you and your client to decide if a reschedule makes sense. If you decide to reschedule and your client does not receive any furnishings, you will not be charged any of the fees.

Still have questions? Contact us for answers.

A place of your own is important but so are the small things like a decent bed and dishes. Those are the things that make a house a home. When you are broke and starting your life again, those things can make the difference.