"Blackbirds x Numbers Mirror"

Theresa Weil

Someone once asked me when I knew that I would be an artist. What I know to be true is that it really isn’t something that you just suddenly become. It’s just part of you…actually probably part of all of us…when we allow…or are encouraged to let our creativity to emerge. Everyone has it in them to become “that” artist.

For me, that “art” comes in the form of mixed media…recycled and new materials. Although I was schooled in graphic design, it all began when I was greatly influenced by my great Italian aunts who created beautiful art out of discarded scraps and notions from their workplace in New York City’s garment factories.

Today, my work includes reverse glass painting, cut paper collage portraiture, found object box sculpturing, collage/cardboard assemblages, oil painting and acrylic painting.