"Status Quon't"

Nicole M Isaakson

Nicole is a native Portlander and graduate of Marylhurst University, where she cultivated her critical thinking skills and discovered the epiphany of the standard deviation. She has spent her professional life in various human service capactities, including two terms of AmeriCorps, where she worked with at-risk youth in the public school system.

Nicole began painting furniture approximately 20 years ago. She loves words and has two decades worth of tiny notebooks filled with interesting phrases she has overheard while waiting for her “real life” to begin. These phrases provide the inspiration for her painted objects. Nicole is constantly on the lookout for irony, her preferred survival mechanism. She is an avid second guesser, which explains her intense love/hate relationship with paint.

Nicole’s mom used to tell her, “If you had a brain, you’d play with it.” She can’t thank her enough for providing that insight and supporting her creative expression.