"Owl Habitat"

Michael "Shoehorn" Conley

I found easy motivation to create a piece for the Chair Affair. I really like the idea of helping folks furnish their nests, and often donate stuff to our family no longer uses to Community Warehouse. My own home is furnished with cast-off, up-cycled and absolutely second-hand furniture, save the appliances and beds. The piece I have created is made from a chair which a neighbor gave to us years ago along with a huge dining table which has been used ever since as my wife’s studio work table. The chair in question had become wobbly and beat-up, but when I took it apart I saw an opportunity. I am by trade a performer and my studio includes found percussion and   many bits of things that I see potential in for artistic expression. The random nature of found-object collage can reveal unexpected forms and themes that would be impossible for me to plan. I have certain ideas regarding improvisation that can resonate across formal genre lines into verbal or visual expression. I have always employed artistic “cross-training” in my development as a performer and have created a unique synthesis of music and dance. I hope this piece is successful in winning the admiration of a collector, thereby helping others less fortunate than myself obtain some comfortable and useful items for their daily life.