"Par Avion"

Kate Melo Wadnizak

Mail – not email – real mail…letters, postcards, special occasion cards – handwritten sentiments, greetings filled with emotion, friendship, happiness, passion, love…
Many of us love mail – sending it, receiving it, waiting for it, checking the mailbox eagerly for it…the sound of the envelope opening, sometimes the scent of the paper, the mystery of the words inside – the colorful stamp, almost like a tiny painting affixed and chosen just for you. We savor mail and enjoy it again and again. the excitement of pulling the creaky blue mailbox hatch – dropping mail in – knowing that it will be received and appreciated in due time even halfway across the globe…


Kate is a middle school teacher and mother of two amazing little people who are her constant inspiration. She’s continually intrigued by the outdoors and colors in nature and has developed a recent passion for textiles.

Having lived abroad as a child and adult, she has an eclectic style influenced by random images, both simple and complex, that have remained with her in various shapes and forms.

Her art work has been featured in “Wapatooli” a cultural and community art show in Kokura, Japan. She lives in Portland with her husband, two hilarious children, and a silly cat named Eevee who likes to go in the bathtub.