"I Only Have Eyes for You"

Jackie Lipshutz

Jackie graduated from Moore College of Art and Design with a degree in Textile Design and Fashion. In other words, she could design anything from a wedding gown to place mats! Her versatile skills took her to Pendleton Woolen Mills, where she was assistant to the director of menswear advertising. She went on to do freelance work for Bits and Pieces, creating new fabric design patterns and updating old ones for use in home furnishings.

In 1986, Jackie became owner and President of Deux Amies, a company focused on innovative new designs for the expectant mother. Manufacturing, pattern design, merchandising, and business skills contributed to the company’s success and Jackie sold to both small boutiques and larger departments stores such as Saks and Nordstrom.

Jackie continues to create unique designs for women’s accessories and items for the interior design market.