"Jeweled Chair"

Gayla Faustman-Buyukas

This gorgeous little chair is silver and gold with jade, sapphire, garnets, ruby and crystal stones on a hand-made silver and gold chain. The bottom of the seat opens up to reveal a hidden compartment.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a live auction item.

Gayla Faustman-Buyukas is bound by accident or intention to symbolism and the primordial need to tell a story. She expresses her passion as the unfettered olla podrida of her own unfiltered imagination. Just as passionately, Gayla feels bound to a life of service that may give others the chance to not just survive, but to nurture their own “eclectic” muse.

Gayla’s chair project is flying around in her busy mind, taking many forms and morphing into this or that. The cushion of possibility is deep, and she hopes you will enjoy the form it ultimately takes.